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How Many People Die of cancer Each Day and Every Year

How Many People Die of Cancer Each Day?

About 1500 people die from Cancer each day in the US alone. And 3400 more people are diagnosed with cancer each day.
Total numbers in the whole world are much bigger and can be only guessed and estimated, as the methods and level of development and level of health care is very different in various regions in the world.

cancer patient
Steve Jobs couldn't defeat cancer

How Many People Die of Hunger and Starvation Each Day and Each Year

Hunger is a major cause of deaths each and every day. Who suffers the most of starvation and hunger?
There are few groups that are most vulnerable to hunger and starvation. If a person doesn’t have a daily calorie intake he needs and proper amount of nutritious, the consequences can be staggering.

Over time hunger slows down mental and physical development, causes severe illness and disease and the whole range of social problems associated with it.

How many people die of starvation each day?

Warning: Huge Photo, but it will be worth it…
2009 world hunger map
starved child

According to the UN numbers released in 2009 about 29,000 people die each die, and this report was finished before the huge world financial crisis which certainly impacted the situation and brought it to a worse point.

How Many People Die Each Year and Each Day From Drunk Driving

It is just said that so many people die from drunk driving each year. Even the number of people killed daily from drunk drivers are enormous around the world. It is a nasty habit and everyone should avoid drinking and driving in the same day.

bmw destroyed driving under influence
Whiskey and car keys

This numbers are illustrating only the US situation:

– One person is killed every 30 minutes – the cause driving under influence.

– Each year more than 15 000 thousand people are killed in alcohol related accidents and crashes

– Alcohol is responsible and the main cause for more than half of the worst traffic accidents with fatalities.

– Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash

– Over 25% of all US people will be involved in car accident during their life

How Many People Died in Iraq War, Gulf war?

The First Iraq War also known as the First Persian Gulf War, began on August 2nd, 1990, and it lasted until February 28 1991. This war was fought between the UN coalition forces from thirty-four countries led by the United States. The leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait on August 2 1990. This led to many economic sanctions to Iraq world wide. Six months later the United States sent in their troops to Iraq and urged other countries to join in forces. The conflict ended with the aerial bombardment of Iraq on 16 January 1991 and the final victory was sealed on the 23 of February.

Eisenhower, US airline carrier:
Eisenhower, US airline carrier
Gulf War:
Gulf War

How many people died in the Holocaust?

In 1933 Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. That was the beginning of the Holocaust (1933-1945). The Holocaust took a lot of victims. Most of them were Jews. Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany believed that there is a world conspiracy of Jew for dominating the World, so in order to prevent that he started killing not just Jews but also Slavs, Gypsies, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah witnesses and all political opponents.

Hidden Children – Dorottya Dezsofi:
Hidden Children of the Holocaust, Dorottya Dezsofi
Hidden Children – Sabina Kagan:
Hidden Children of the Holocaust, Sabina Kagan

How Many People Died in the Concentration Camps

The word holocaust has Greek origin and means “sacrifice by fire”. The Holocaust is the result of the Nazi politics, a systematic execution of six million European Jews. As we all know during World War II Hitler had the idea of cleaning the World of all that wasn’t white and and all who didn’t practice Christian Religion. He believed that they had “racial inferiority”. In order to achieve his goal more easily he started opening “the camps of death” or the concentration camps as they were called. In those camps he forced people to work hard, made medical and scientific experiments on them and in the end he gassed them with carbon monoxide and other deadly gasses.

At Auschwitz II (Birkenau) Memorials on the tracks: (photo 01)
Aschepyramide Concentration Camp: (photo 02)

At Auschwitz II (Birkenau) Memorials on the tracks
Aschepyramide Concentration Camp

There were a couple of concentration camps that were opened in Europe. The numbers below will show the damage done in terms of human life numbers:

Auschwitz, located in Poland was the biggest and worst of them all. It was three concentration camps in one and it killed over one quarter of a million people. (with gas chambers)

Bergen-Belsen, located in Germany and was built in 1943. The most famous victim of concentration camps Anna Frank died there together with 37 000 other people. (no gas chambers)

How Many People Died from the Black Death, Plague

The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics that ever happened to mankind. It is called the Black Death because of the black spots that it left on human skin, but the name of the disease is bubonic plague that was imposed by the Yesinia pestis bacteria. It is believed that the illness originally appeared in Asia, and was passed in Europe thanks to the black rats and the fleas living on their backs, that were regular passengers on the merchant ships.

The black death, plague:
the black death, plague
The black death, plague spreading:
The black death, plague spreading

How Many People Died in the Korean War

The Korean War stared on 25th of June, 1950 and ended on 27th of July, 1953. This war is actually a battle between the Communists and the Capitalists. After the World War II, the two most powerful countries were the USA – Capitalists and the USSR – Communists and they were batling for world domination.

The Korean War:
Korean War
The Korean War:
The Korean War

The key territory was the Far East, Truman thought that the Communism would have the domino effect on the world (if one became a communist country all would be) and the USSR was the biggest communist country at that time. So the country was divided on the 38th parallel on North Korea and South Korea. North Korea was Communist country and South Korea was a Capitalist country.

How Many People Died in the Tsunami in 2004

When I looked up for the meaning of tsunami, I found put that it is a large amount of water that is moved as a result of an earthquake, volcanic eruptions or underwater explosion. These kinds of movement are characteristic for seas, although it can sometimes occur in large lakes. The knowledge for tsunami was wage until the beginning of the 20th century; even nowadays it is still the subject of many researches.

After the tsunami, Dec 26th, 2004, Ko Phi Phi:
After the tsunami, December 26th, 2004, Ko Phi Phi
After the tsunami, Ko Phi Phi:
After the tsunami, December 26th, 2004, Ko Phi Phi

How Many People Died from Swine Flu

The swine flu was a global pandemic influenza that was first discovered in April 2009. This new virus was a mixture of bird flu, swine and human flu. This flu didn’t affect only people with health problems (asthma, heart problems) this also effected even young people and pregnant women too. So the new virus got the name A (H1N1). The problem and the level of panic were of course for a reason, people didn’t just get sick they also started dieing from this virus.

Swine Flu Vaccine:
Swine Flu Vaccine
Swine Flu Inspection:
Swine Flu Inspection

It all started in Veracruz, Mexico, where, unfortunately there was an on going epidemic for months before it officially was recognized. The authorities tried to do everything in their power to stop the spreading, like closing public facilities, but the influenza continued on spreading world wide. This lead the World Health Organization to declare the flu pandemic in June 2009.