How Many People Died from Swine Flu

The swine flu was a global pandemic influenza that was first discovered in April 2009. This new virus was a mixture of bird flu, swine and human flu. This flu didn’t affect only people with health problems (asthma, heart problems) this also effected even young people and pregnant women too. So the new virus got the name A (H1N1). The problem and the level of panic were of course for a reason, people didn’t just get sick they also started dieing from this virus.

Swine Flu Vaccine:
Swine Flu Vaccine
Swine Flu Inspection:
Swine Flu Inspection

It all started in Veracruz, Mexico, where, unfortunately there was an on going epidemic for months before it officially was recognized. The authorities tried to do everything in their power to stop the spreading, like closing public facilities, but the influenza continued on spreading world wide. This lead the World Health Organization to declare the flu pandemic in June 2009.

The numbers speak for the deadly outcome of the swine flu. Some web pages speak that there were over 17,000 dead. Other information gives the number of around 15,000 people. You have to have in mind that not all the people that have been tested to see whether the flu is pandemic or seasonal. So the numbers might be even higher.

The main reason for such a spread was the late arrival of vaccines. The vaccines that were used during the pandemic only helped the immune system to fight while they didn’t prevent of swine flu. Of course the other reason was the little information that was given for the swine flu. People thought that they will be protected of it if they don’t eat pork. It turned out that the swine flu was air transmittable. The biggest panic, of course, was created in the media. Nobody knew what they were fighting against. Luckily, the pandemic was stopped, and to prevent yourself from any kind of flu be sure to work on your immune system, because in the end that is the one that can save you from any kind of disease.

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