How Many People Died from the Black Death, Plague

The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics that ever happened to mankind. It is called the Black Death because of the black spots that it left on human skin, but the name of the disease is bubonic plague that was imposed by the Yesinia pestis bacteria. It is believed that the illness originally appeared in Asia, and was passed in Europe thanks to the black rats and the fleas living on their backs, that were regular passengers on the merchant ships.

The black death, plague:
the black death, plague
The black death, plague spreading:
The black death, plague spreading

The outbreak was so terrible that there were no more places to burry the dead and they were left out on the open. The plague only “worked” when it was warm during the winter it stood but only because the fleas were dormant. The plague or the Black Death didn’t attack people for just a couple of years it attacked for centuries. It began in 1300’s and it finally disappeared in 1600’s.

The black death, plague:
The black death, plague
The black death:
The black death, plague

In Europe the Black Plague was raging from 1348 until 1350. During that time it killed not thousands but millions of people. Just in Europe 25 million people died because of the plague, which is one-third of Europe’s population at that time. World wide it is supposed that the plague has killed over 75 million people. It took the world over 150 years to recuperate from the Black Death. Nowadays there are medicines that can combat this medieval curse, but at that time the medicine had very little to battle with.

The plague took its tool also on economy, politics and church. In that period people believed that it was a curse and I guess that they were right. Even today we can’t avoid these plagues (swine flu, anthrax, aids, and cancer) and I believe that even if they manage to find the cure for these there will always be a new threat. Let’s just hope that we can beat it.

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