How many people died in Hurricane Katrina?

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest five hurricanes that happened in the history of the United Sates. The Hurricane Katrina is the result of the 2005 hurricane season. It first started forming on 23 August and it disappeared on 30 August 2005. The areas that affected Hurricane Katrina were Cuba, Bahamas, South Florida, Louisiana (especially New Orleans), Mississippi and a greater part of eastern North America. The damage Katrina has cost in numbers is the following:

Hurricane Katrina:
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina devastation:
Hurricane Katrina devastation

• 1,836 people died in the hurricane and
• An estimated $90 billion worth of damage.

Hurricane Katrina managed to destroy the whole Gulf Cost even hundreds of miles away from its centre. The only similar disaster the United States remember to this was back in 1928 when Hurricane Okeechobee stroke. Hurricane Katrina was a hurricane of Category 5 (and 6 are the strongest). It first started in the Bahamas as Category 1 hurricane, after it did some damage and took a few lifes it moved to the Gulf of Mexico, so that it finally weakened in southeast Louisiana. The greatest damage was done to New Orleans where almost 80% of the town stayed flooded for days after the storm calmed down. The flooding was a result of a failure in the levee system in New Orleans. This also resulted in a lawsuit against the US Army Corps who built the system. Even five years after the Hurricane there are still people that are living in trailers in Louisiana and are waiting on the Army Corps to rebuild their homes.

Hurricane Katrina, Milk Bar in New Orleans:
Hurricane Katrina, Milk Bar in New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina, Seafood company remains:
Hurricane Katrina, Seafood company remains

Watching at the pictures from the Hurricane Katrina and the damage that has done to the people living there, I stared to think about how your life and everything about it can be carried out of the face of the Earth. That is why you need to cherish and love every minute of your life and home and all I can say is that I can only hope and pray that something like that doesn’t happen again on the face of this planet.

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