How Many People Died in the Concentration Camps

The word holocaust has Greek origin and means “sacrifice by fire”. The Holocaust is the result of the Nazi politics, a systematic execution of six million European Jews. As we all know during World War II Hitler had the idea of cleaning the World of all that wasn’t white and and all who didn’t practice Christian Religion. He believed that they had “racial inferiority”. In order to achieve his goal more easily he started opening “the camps of death” or the concentration camps as they were called. In those camps he forced people to work hard, made medical and scientific experiments on them and in the end he gassed them with carbon monoxide and other deadly gasses.

At Auschwitz II (Birkenau) Memorials on the tracks: (photo 01)
Aschepyramide Concentration Camp: (photo 02)

At Auschwitz II (Birkenau) Memorials on the tracks
Aschepyramide Concentration Camp

There were a couple of concentration camps that were opened in Europe. The numbers below will show the damage done in terms of human life numbers:

Auschwitz, located in Poland was the biggest and worst of them all. It was three concentration camps in one and it killed over one quarter of a million people. (with gas chambers)

Bergen-Belsen, located in Germany and was built in 1943. The most famous victim of concentration camps Anna Frank died there together with 37 000 other people. (no gas chambers)

Auschwitz Concentration Camp, the Barracks:
Auschwitz Concentration Camp, the Barracks
Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Prisoners:
Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Prisoners identified

Buchenwald located in Germany was built in 1937. It hold 20 000 people but served for experimenting on people and forced labor. (no gas chambers)

Dachau located in Germany and built in 1933, was the first camp that the Nazis had built. Many people died there as a result of the harsh medical experiments. As a result of that it is known as the harshest concentration camp. (no gas chambers)

Sachsenhausen built in 1936 located in Germany. 100 000 people died as a result of the inhuman conditions and the other 100 000 were taken to other concentration camps. (no gas chambers)

Auschwitz II, Birkenau:
Auschwitz II, Birkenau
Buchenwald, exterior of crematorium:
Buchenwald, exterior of the crematorium

Theresienstadt in Czech Republic was the ghetto where Jews were sent to live. 33 500 died because it was too crowded to live there and the rest 88 000 were sent to Auschwitz.

Treblinka and T.II located in Poland. Those were two camps that killed from 700 000 to 900 000 Jews. (with gas chambers).

Map of Concentration Camps – Germany 1943:
Map of Concentration Camps in Germany
The crematorium of Majdanek:
The crematorium of Majdanek

In 1933 Europe had over 9 million Jews and over 6 million of them were killed in the camps, during the following period of 1934-1945.

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