How Many People Died in the Korean War

The Korean War stared on 25th of June, 1950 and ended on 27th of July, 1953. This war is actually a battle between the Communists and the Capitalists. After the World War II, the two most powerful countries were the USA – Capitalists and the USSR – Communists and they were batling for world domination.

The Korean War:
Korean War
The Korean War:
The Korean War

The key territory was the Far East, Truman thought that the Communism would have the domino effect on the world (if one became a communist country all would be) and the USSR was the biggest communist country at that time. So the country was divided on the 38th parallel on North Korea and South Korea. North Korea was Communist country and South Korea was a Capitalist country.

Korean War, Marilyn Monroe visiting soldiers:
Korean War, Marilyn Monroe visiting soldiers
The Korean War:
The Korean War

Actually the war was an indirect war between Stalin and Truman. All the fighting occurred on the 38th parallel.

The exact number of people who died isn’t so clear. The data are different on every page on the internet and in most history books. I guess that the most accurate data can be found on the history channel. It gives us the number of 2.5 million North Korean soldiers and civilians, 1.5 million South Korean soldiers and civilians, 1 million Chinese soldiers and civilians, 55,000 American soldiers, 500 Canadian soldiers, 300 Australian soldiers and 5000 soldiers from different countries from the UN troops.

Korean War Memorial:
Korean War Memorial
Korean War Remembered:
Korean War Remembered

The official ending of the war was in 1953 but Korea still stays divided until today and the cold war between the communist and the capitalists is still led. Today South Korea is developed and industrialized. North Korea is still rural and undeveloped, people are suppressed and watched for every move. The Korean War was the first war of influence latter it was followed by the Vietnam War and many other wars. The Korean War still is the subject of many films, plays and documentaries demonstrating the power of two world wide powers.

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