How Many People Died in the Tsunami in 2004

When I looked up for the meaning of tsunami, I found put that it is a large amount of water that is moved as a result of an earthquake, volcanic eruptions or underwater explosion. These kinds of movement are characteristic for seas, although it can sometimes occur in large lakes. The knowledge for tsunami was wage until the beginning of the 20th century; even nowadays it is still the subject of many researches.

After the tsunami, Dec 26th, 2004, Ko Phi Phi:
After the tsunami, December 26th, 2004, Ko Phi Phi
After the tsunami, Ko Phi Phi:
After the tsunami, December 26th, 2004, Ko Phi Phi

The tsunami that occurred almost six years ago was one of the biggest disasters that mankind has seen in the past 40 years. On the 22nd of December, 2004, the seismologists have measured an earthquake with a magnitude of between 9.1 and 9.3 degrees (according to Richter’s scale) that had an epicenter under the sea. Because of this tectonic movement a large wave was created that strike the west cost of Sumatra, Indonesia and also Sri Lanka and Thailand. This was said to be one of the second largest earthquakes ever recorded in human history.

After the tsunami disaster:
After the tsunami, December 26th, 2004, Ko Phi Phi

The estimated number of victims that died from the tsunami is 275,000 people. Some of the latest research claim that there were 229,886 people lost which also included 186,983 dead and 42,883 missing. This is the number of victims in over fourteen countries. A great amount of the countries that were hit were popular resorts that at the time had many guests. More than a million people were left without a roof over their heads. It is also believed that 1/3 of the victims are children. Just imagine the force, waves traveling with the speed of 800 km/h. It really was devastating.

Dec 26th, 2004 tsunami, Mosque:
December 26th, 2004 tsunami, Mosque
Dec 26th, 2004 Srilanka, Kalutara flood:
December 26th, 2004 tsunami Srilanka, Kalutara flood

After this disaster the government of the affected countries, stared to work on a tsunami warning system. Although over $12 billion were sent as a world wide help it took a lot of time to rebuild some of the lost homes and I believe that they are still renewing. All what is left right now is the hope that this will never happen again.

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