How Many People Died in the Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was a conflict that was fought for 20 years, from November 1st, 1955 until April 30th, 1975, when Saigon finally fell. The war was between the communist party, the North Vietnam government and its allies and the capitalists the South Vietnam government that was supported by capitalist USA. The South Vietnamese side led a guerrilla war, and they depended more on air force help while the North Vietnamese side led a more contemporary way of fighting including large units into battle.

Vietnam War, Eddie Adams, Saigon Execution, 1968: (Photo 01)
Vietnam War Ships: (Photo 02)

Vietnam War, Eddie Adams, Saigon Execution, 1968
Vietnam War Ships

This 20 year blood shad gave a lot of victims of course. On the American side the official number is 58,148 killed. Additional 114 were kidnapped and died in captivity. 5 years after the war the suicide rose among the veterans and that number is close to 1.7 % of the whole army that served there. That gives a total of 67,000 Americans. Also fighting on the same “side” were the 223,748 South Vietnamese soldiers as well as 5,282 other nationalities. So far we have a total of 300,000 people.

Chinook helicopter:
Chinook helicopter
Vietnam War H troops tank:
vietnam war H troops tank

Well, doing my research I had a little problem with the Vietnamese number of casualties. I read that during the war the Vietnamese government didn’t announce the correct number of casualties because they didn’t want to demoralize the nation. So, finally in 1995 the Vietnamese government announced the number of 2,000,000 dead in the North and 2,000,000 dead in the South. 1.1 million Soldiers were missing and 600,000 wounded. That is a total of 5.1 Vietnamese casualties and together with the Americans we have the grand total of 5.4 million dead during the 20 years of war.

Vietnam War, Qui Nhon Public Transport 1966:
Vietnam War, Qui Nhon Public Transport 1966
Vietnam War, The Bad Guys, Viet Cong:
Vietnam War, The Bad Guys, Viet Cong

Too bad that so many people had to die for political causes. This war is one of the most misunderstood wars in U.S. history. Fact is that the real truth is known only by those who started the war and not those who fought it.

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