How many people died on the Titanic?

RMS Titanic model:
RMS Titanic model
Titanic painting:
Titanic painting

RMS Titanic was the largest passenger steam ship when it started its maiden voyage from Southampton, New England to New York, USA on April 10 1912. The owner of this ship was J.P.Morgan, an American tycoon, who spent $7.5 million at that time to build it. The ship is constructed in Belfast, Ireland and it was owned by White Line Star Company. But unfortunately that great ship didn’t make it to New York. Four days later on 14 April 1912 it sank hitting an iceberg. Its remains were discovered in 1986, almost 74 years after it sank.

A great ship like that carried a lot of people. The number of the total passenger and crew list was 2,208. 1,503 passengers and crew died the morning on 14 April 1912. The reason for this is written on many factors. By law 1962 lifeboat seats were required on board but only 1,178 were carried abroad although the real need was 2,208. Experts say that there was more time for evacuation that morning and if not more the number of 706 survivors would have doubled. Another problem was that on the boat there were three classed and only the people from first class got to climb first, because they had grater accessibility to the lifeboats. And last, but not least, the extremely cold temperature over the north Atlantic and also freezing cold water didn’t make it possible for people to survive.

Titanic museum:
Titanic museum

No matter what the reason was The Titanic is one of the greatest peaceful maritime disasters in history. On the 14 April 2012 it’s going to be its 100 anniversary and the Titanic is still laying beneath the 12, 600 ft of water, on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The last living survivor of the ship called Millvina Dean died in 2009. She was only a month old baby when she was saved from the Titanic.

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