How Many People Die Each Year and Each Day From Drunk Driving

It is just said that so many people die from drunk driving each year. Even the number of people killed daily from drunk drivers are enormous around the world. It is a nasty habit and everyone should avoid drinking and driving in the same day.

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Whiskey and car keys

This numbers are illustrating only the US situation:

– One person is killed every 30 minutes – the cause driving under influence.

– Each year more than 15 000 thousand people are killed in alcohol related accidents and crashes

– Alcohol is responsible and the main cause for more than half of the worst traffic accidents with fatalities.

– Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash

– Over 25% of all US people will be involved in car accident during their life

– The probability of alcohol related car accident is 5 time more likely to occur at night

– More than 65% hard-core criminals start their criminal record with driving under influence

– Over 40% of bike accidents are fatal

– You are more likely to fall asleep while driving because of the increased amount of alcohol in your blood.

– Driving drunk can get you arrested and jailed for many months and even years in some cases.

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Drunk Driving Related Offense

A list of problems gets bigger with each glass. Let’s illustrate this even further. Thanksgiving is the holiday when each year most people get drunk in a company of their closest family members. Then they drive home under influence risking many people’s lives including their own.

A recent study proves that alcohol can impair driver’s vision by reducing his depth perception, which is so important when driving.  Our advice if you spot a drunk driver is to report him by dialing the local highway patrol or nearest police station to tell the exact location, or even remember his license plate. This way you can prevent some really bad accident and save a few lives today which is certainly worth your time.

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Some other studies shows that more than 60% of bad and fatal accidents occur in the age group of 18-31, at night, near or after important national holidays. So try to avoid road during this period.

How Many people die each year in the world from driving drunk? The total number can be only estimated but it surely is in range of millions and only going to increase, as the total population increases and also some huge Eastern countries like China and India increase their pace to motorization.

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