How Many People Die of cancer Each Day and Every Year

How Many People Die of Cancer Each Day?

About 1500 people die from Cancer each day in the US alone. And 3400 more people are diagnosed with cancer each day.
Total numbers in the whole world are much bigger and can be only guessed and estimated, as the methods and level of development and level of health care is very different in various regions in the world.

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Steve Jobs couldn't defeat cancer

What is cancer?

Cancer can appear at any age. but the probability of incidence rises fast as the person’s age comes close to 60. Also cancer can occur at any part of the body, at any organ which cells cannot longer operate in a normal way and are growing in an unnatural way also called malignancy. It has the ability to spread through the body with the help of blood and lymph systems. Cancer is a second leading cause of death in the states after heart disease.

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Cancer diagnosis begins with a thorough medical examination. The treatment is complex and still not a proper cure or a treatment has been found to reverse the process.

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