How Many People Die of Hunger and Starvation Each Day and Each Year

Hunger is a major cause of deaths each and every day. Who suffers the most of starvation and hunger?
There are few groups that are most vulnerable to hunger and starvation. If a person doesn’t have a daily calorie intake he needs and proper amount of nutritious, the consequences can be staggering.

Over time hunger slows down mental and physical development, causes severe illness and disease and the whole range of social problems associated with it.

How many people die of starvation each day?

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2009 world hunger map
starved child

According to the UN numbers released in 2009 about 29,000 people die each die, and this report was finished before the huge world financial crisis which certainly impacted the situation and brought it to a worse point.

How many people die of hunger and starvation each year?

Each year over 10 million children die of hunger related issues, disease and complications. Each day about 30,000 children day. It is so huge a problem, it has caused more victims that the atomic bombs dropped on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki together, in fact hunger and starvation cause similar numbers like dropping the bomb this size every 3-4 days in a bigger city.

Total number of people die because of hunger related problems each year has climbed to more than 25 Million in 2010, according to a university research. About one-fourth of the total world population lives with under $1 per day.

hungry people in Africa
empty plate no food

Hunger and starvation are one of the world’s biggest problems and the government of developed countries should undertake bigger efforts to try to minimize this huge problem. Even reducing the number of total deaths related to eating disorders by 5% each year will be a huge success.

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