How To Avoid Becoming One Of The Thousands In Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation that lets riders feel the speed of their vehicle, but they come with a risk. Every year, thousands of people are harmed in motorcycle accidents, either by death or injury, and many of these accidents are solo vehicle accidents. The road can be quite a dangerous place for anyone on a motorcycle, especially since there are cars and other larger vehicles on the road. Motorcycle riders can be a little safer on the road by following these tips.

Before taking the motorcycle on the road, riders should inspect it to make sure everything is working properly. A sudden malfunction or blown tire while on the road can lead to a deadly accident. Tires will show visible signs of damage, such as cracks, bulges, and worn treads, while gas and oil leaks are easy to see under the motorcycle. A functionality test should be given to all lights and signals, the brakes, thorn, and the clutch and throttle. The mirrors should be clean and properly adjusted, and once a week fluid levels should be checked.

A motorcyclist should always wear the right gear when riding on the road. A helmet is a necessary item, as it protects the rider’s head from critical injuries that may occur in a collision. Most helmets will have a built in protective face shield that slides up and down, but some helmets do not, and protective goggles should be worn with those. Protective clothing, such as nonskid sole boots, gloves, and leather clothing or suits should also be worn. The visibility of motorcyclists can be improved when they wear reflective tape.

All motorcyclists should ride defensively. Many drivers won’t be able to see motorcyclists until it’s too late. While riding, the headlights should be on, signals should be activated long before a turn or lane change is being made, and blind spots should be avoided. A 20 foot distance between other vehicles on the road should keep a rider safe. Riders should also be on the lookout for vehicles that are about to turn, especially large vehicles like semi trucks.

Motorcyclists must follow the rules of the road. The speed limits and traffic signs are in place to protect everyone, from drivers to pedestrians. Using the motorcycle to climb at higher speeds than the legal limit is not only illegal, but dangerous, as the motorcycle can easily get into a collision this way. Also, the motorcycle will eventually have to stop, and the motorcycle will take longer to safely stop if it’s going at incredibly high speeds.

No one should get on a motorcycle while they are intoxicated or tired. This should be common sense to everyone on the road, but some people do it anyway, and they put themselves and everyone around them at risk. While driving intoxicated, motorcyclists have a reduced reaction time, and the same thing happens when they experience drowsiness and fatigue. A delayed reaction time can prevent motorcyclists from breaking at the appropriate times and dodging vehicles and items on the road. While suffering from intoxication or fatigue, motorcyclists should find another mode of transportation where they don’t have to drive.

Riding on a motorcycle is a serious event that comes with a risk, but as long as riders act safely, they can enjoy the experience.

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