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How Many People Died in Iraq War, Gulf war?

The First Iraq War also known as the First Persian Gulf War, began on August 2nd, 1990, and it lasted until February 28 1991. This war was fought between the UN coalition forces from thirty-four countries led by the United States. The leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait on August 2 1990. This led […]

How Many People Died in the Korean War

The Korean War stared on 25th of June, 1950 and ended on 27th of July, 1953. This war is actually a battle between the Communists and the Capitalists. After the World War II, the two most powerful countries were the USA – Capitalists and the USSR – Communists and they were batling for world domination. […]

How Many People Died in the Tsunami in 2004

When I looked up for the meaning of tsunami, I found put that it is a large amount of water that is moved as a result of an earthquake, volcanic eruptions or underwater explosion. These kinds of movement are characteristic for seas, although it can sometimes occur in large lakes. The knowledge for tsunami was […]

How Many People Died in the Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was a conflict that was fought for 20 years, from November 1st, 1955 until April 30th, 1975, when Saigon finally fell. The war was between the communist party, the North Vietnam government and its allies and the capitalists the South Vietnam government that was supported by capitalist USA. The South Vietnamese side […]